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The "plot" here is simply editing your manuscript, blog, web page or anything that needs to be accurate and flow well.  The "antagonists" are those pesky intruders called spelling, punctuation, grammar, typos, and sometimes content conflict. I am here to find and edit these so you can focus on your story, reference, or description and wow your readers with what you have created and/or with what you do for a living. 



=> No publishing house with in-house editors? I'm here for you.

=> You will pay me less than a middle man who will then find an editor for you.  Skip the middle man - save money.  

=> I'm not just a friend willing to peruse your manuscript or web page for glaring mistakes - I will do a professional job without the legalistic changes many writers cringe at.  

Give me a call and I will ask you just a few questions in order to give you a fee and overview of what you will receive for your money.  


 I look forward to hearing from you!

Editing - call/e-mail for estimate

Formatting - $2.00/chapter

Energy Work for Writer's Block


I am not only an editor for aspiring writers but I also work with any who have run into that nasty "antagonist" of writer's block.  Whether just beginning a book with a great idea and stuck on the first page or far into your project and hitting a brick wall, I can help free your mind, emotions, and physical body to jump into your endeavor.  

I do this NOT with suggestions you have most likely already gotten from well-meaning family and/or friends or that english teacher in the back of your mind, but with energy work.  What?!  Yes, I work with your energy system, getting it in line for the specific need and desired result you want, by using meridian tapping or kinesiology to tap into your body systems and get them working to their maximum efficiency for you to be able to access the depths of your mind and emotions and pull the creativity in you to the surface where you can then use your skills and put in on paper - or in your computer.  

If you are curious what this is all about, just go to my website,, or you can just click on the link below and schedule a session to get your creative juices flowing.  Yes?

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One-Half-Hour Energy Session - $50

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One-Hour Energy Session - $80

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