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Welcome to the LifeRegeneration Jubilee App !  Please log in above or sign up below.  After you make payment, you will be on your way to discovering how to use this invaluable resource for your health, growth, challenges, and goals in life.  


This is a tool we use in our office to guide you in discovering the etiology of your challenge(s) - whether they be physical illness/disease, financial, relational, emotional issues, mental blocks or spiritual things you would like to attain.


If you are already a member, go to the log-in link above and use the password given to you.  Otherwise, complete the form below with payment and you can begin your first session!

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Welcome to the LifeRegeneration Jubilee App !  

Please Sign Up for this app by following the steps below:

PAYMENT:  Choose your payment option:

1. From the PayPal Menu below on the left, and complete payment (enter Y/PP into form)

2. If you prefer not to use PayPal, you are welcome to make a direct bank-to-bank payment by entering "Y/BANK" into the form next to payment.  I will e-mail you bank details (Bank code, name, and account) to send to and as soon as I see payment in the LR account I will send you your Sign-In password okay.

3. In the future I hope to be able to accept credit or bank cards for easy payment.   


Complete the form on the right below and allow up to 24 hours to receive your go ahead with entry using your password. I will try to respond as soon as possible. Doing this myself versus paying for fancy website sign-up options cuts down on my costs and in turn cuts down on your cost(s) for both this app and for office or long-distance visits.   Thank you for your patience! :-)


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Payment Made Y/N

Length of Access Desired

Success! Message received.

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