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God's creation was woven into the science of our world and it works by default. Just be aware that "default" in this world will often return the struggles you've been trying to get rid of.  Choosing to recognize what is in your heart and what is in your mind (both conscious and subconscious) are vital instructions in the Life Manual - the Bible.
AND . . . it works even better once you've "signed" on by taking the step to believe in what Jesus has done, with your whole heart and mind.  To understand this, check out these bible studies:

Advancing The Kingdom With God's Word

The following are Bible studies that will shift your perceptions of this world by studying God's Word in the Bible.  This particular section is filled with studies from Bill Fries website "Advancing the Kingdom," which can no longer be found on line, or I would simply direct you to those pages.  His book (sold on Amazon) is no longer available - I have no idea why except that many avenues are being censored more and more and material about the Truth of God are being deleted. 

Mr. Fries graciously shared these amazing bible studies freely, with no charge, and therefore I am providing them here in the same way - no charge.  Feel free to download them, print them for yourself, and definitely use them to see the world from a new perspective, which will in turn enable you to heal in your mind, heart, soul, and physical body.  Since these are provided free of charge to you, we ask that you do not sell them or pass them on to others, but rather direct them to this page to obtain their own copies.  Thank you. 

LifeWorks Series - Life works when you . . .

Like King Thinks.jpg

Think Like the King Thinks

See Like the King Sees.png

See Like the King Sees

Talk Like the King.png

Talk Like the King Talks

Kingdom of Forgiveness stretched.png

Work with the Law
  of Forgiveness
       Part One

Thinking 2.jpg

Work With the Law
      of Thinking

Forgiveness Unchains_edited.jpg

Work with the Law
  of Forgiveness
       Part Two

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