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In the midst of the challenges life throws at us, including physical maladies, illness, and disease, we have choices in how we handle those challenges.  You can learn how to take advantage of those choices and not just manage your issues, but resolve those things you do not want.

Doctors, counselors, therapists, and even alternative practitioners may give you a prognosis you don't like. We encourage you to see these professionals as references, not the last word in your health picture.  You are not a prognosis or even just a diagnosis. You have a body that works well as long as it is supported with all it needs to do so.  NOW, the challenge is figuring out the details of what you specifically need for that outcome.  The Jubilee Option App will help greatly with this.

You may have tried traditional medicine and alternative medicine with little or no resolution.  You may have tried just one item in each field and concluded that those fields do not work for you. We find that just one thing is often not the etiology of your issue, but that there are a number of things you need to pay attention to and correct before finding relief, because each area plays off of the others and they work together to create the atmosphere that will give you excellent health - mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  The Jubilee App will help you make those connections and discover the recipe that will often work for you. 

Jump in, read each page here and begin to learn how to use this app to reach your final goal of overcoming the challenges you face.

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Welcome to the resolution of many of the challenges you face - emotional, physical illness, addictions, phobias, spiritual growth and more. These techniques are the leading edge of scientific research - We invite you to come learn about them, experience them and become an overcomer in your life!




If you have a problem with:

Addictions ~ Allergies ~ Arthritis ~ Cancer ~ Diabetes ~ Fibromyalgia ~ Tinnitus ~ Hernia ~ Meniere's
~ Stroke or any other physical issue, consider learning energy techniques to help in resolving them. 


Holistic Health involves a number of entities (good food, herbal options, mind renewal, heart healing, natural remedies, stress resolution and so much more).  Some try it out by going to a health- food store and trying an herbal mixture with no results.  This does not mean these herbs are useless.  It just means you need to peel away another level of your complicated "onion" and find the right combination that will meet your needs. Don't settle for just a "dip in the pond" and then conclude that holistic options do not work.  There is a whole ocean out there with amazing healing properties in it. 

Come rediscover yourself and find the real you, "fearfully and wonderfully made."


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