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These videos below will help you with the basics when using the Jubilee App.  Watch each one and practice what you see here so you will become proficient in doing these simple techniques.  They are simple to learn but the more you PRACTICE THEM, the easier they will be to use. 
Some will use the app with just their intuition, especially when looking at the trapped emotions and jubilee options charts.  Others who find these charts overwhelming and who have no idea which issues apply to them, will find the kinesiology very helpful. 
There are also some who will prefer to just pinpoint their issue and follow the progression found in scripture for releasing trapped emotions or adding jubilee options:
  • confess the shortcoming or struggle you deal with
  • pray and ask God to help you with this and choose to give it to Him
  • allow yourself to see by faith this being released to Him
  • thank God for doing this for you and take a deep breath while you
  • wait on Him to fill you with His peace over it. 
One scripture where you will find the above steps in is Philippians 4:6-7.  Make sure you complete all 5 steps, since they are there for a purpose and none should be overlooked if you desire what God has for you.  
ENJOY THESE TRAINERS and learn from them! 
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Quick Training for Kinesiology Self Testing 

Until I create my own video to show you how to self test, this young man does an excellent and quick presentation that will get you started. 

At LifeRegeneration we use Kinesiology along with meridian tapping for using the Jubilee Options App.  My main advice is, DON'T QUIT! PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE - at least 2 minutes a day and every day.   

Jessica Ortner Training on Tapping Points

I have decided that allowing Jessica to show you the LRMT Tapping points is much easier, economical, and professional than trying to create my own video at this point in time.


My time and efforts are being spent helping clients and I thoroughly enjoy working with them.

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Want To Bring Out Some Relationship Emotions?

THIS is the video for you!  My daughter actually heard this and thought of me!  Then she shared it with my husand (her Poppy) and he totally agreed. . . . They then proceeded to send it to me (since I was in Wyoming packing our house for our move while Wade, my husband, was already working down in San Antonio). 


I tell you, this totally brings out my emotions at those times when I'm frustrated and yet totally committed to love my spouse.  Maybe you can relate and use this for a tapping session!  Just tap while singing this - it is guaranteed to bring your vital emotions to the forefront for release and move you into the arena of humor and peace. 


Life IS a challenge but relationships make it worth the challenge - so


take a leap into

miraculous transformation

and healing


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