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Gratitude Awareness

Thanksgiving & Change!

One powerful life-changing thing you get to CHOOSE TO DO is express gratitude, when you are happy . . .  when you are puzzled or confused . . . when you are

challenged . . . when you are frustrated or angry . . . and when you are least motivated to do so.  It is a choice and when you take the step to express it and do so out loud, your heart will begin to get on board and will move into the gratitude attitude. 


BE AWARE, this is NOT stuffing your emotions, nor is it putting on a happy face when you don't feel happy!  It is a choice you make with your mind to be grateful by voicing it to yourself and to God. 

Inside the Jubilee App you will discover new ways

to express gratitude and tools to help you do just

that when you least feel like it.  It will change your

life - your mind, your heart, your spirit, and yes, 

your physical health - and heal you inside out.

In the App you find out:

* what neurologists have discovered

* what some counselors suggest that works

* how your own neuro connections will shift things! 

* how your words will change your physical health - It's called neuro-linguistics which was covered in God's Word long before scientists discovered that our body responds in this way. 

You can learn about gratitude in the Jubilee App and by getting the "Gratituning" booklet in our store, at, for a tune-up of your gratitude attitude. 





It is one of the seven vital habits we do well to learn and truly make a habit. 

I have made it a habit thank God every day for:

  • Something around me

  • Someone specific in my family

  • Something that I'm standing in faith on after asking God to intervene

  • Something extremely simple like the sunshine or a pet.

. . .  and keep thanking until I FEEL the gratitude in my heart. 

Come take advantage of the tools we have here at LifeRegeneration - you can consider it a "Spa Day" and totally relax into new ideas, habits, relaxation, and more! 


Choosing GRATITUDE is part of the life manual - a change up that uses the rules in your favor and in God's favor and in favor of those around you (like aerodynamics has rules that overcome gravity).  It is just one of the things that works extremely well. 


AND . . . it works even better once you've "signed" on by taking the step to believe in what Jesus has done, with your whole heart and mind.  To understand this, check out:

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