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The products below can be purchased through PayPal using your credit card, debit card, or directly from your bank account!  I trust you will be pleased with what you find.  For more detailed descriptions of these products please visit the Store drop-down tab.

Energy Pad Request / Pre-Order


Complete the pre-order form by following the link here >>>>>

We will then call you and walk you through placing your order on the official LifeRegeneration secure order platform so your financial information is safe and you will have contact with a mentor who will help you in using your Energy Pad and answer any questions you may have.  

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LifeRegeneration Colloidal Silver

With so much faulty information out there about colloidal silver, you want to have a resource that will give you the facts versus myths, government error, or medical community confusion.  This little booklet will be a quick read but will leave you confident in how to use colloidal silver. AND as a bonus, after you read it, contact LifeRegeneration and we will share with you the plans for how to build your own generator versus spending from $80 to $495 to purchase one on line.  

Jubilee App

Upon payment for this app you will be directed to a page where you can register as an App Member and you will receive a password to use for entering the app.  You can read about it in more detail on our resources page!  

"Off to a Fresh Heart"

This is a great booklet that will introduce you to concepts for improving the health of your physical heart, your cardiovascular system, AND the health of your inner / emotional heart.  We give you the technique and the science that shows what works!



Heart Issues Pack

These are not your regular mind renewal techniques!  Each card has something for your mind to memorize AND the science and/or technique which agrees with this.  These will help you remember the techniques you learn and put them to use daily for success with your life challenges.  


We NOW have these available in pdf

format for using on your Kindle

or other e-Reader.




"LifeRegeneration GratiTuning"

An easy technique you can learn to change the body's physical systems into a vibration for healing. 

LifeRegeneration LifeLine

This is a personalized plan and chart for the various holistic means you can delve into for your specific issue or malady, with detailed descriptions for techniques you can use, the science, naturopathy, and other holistic avenues that make up a whole program and map specifically for you.

Following this Plan will do a number of things for you, three of which are:

1. Instead of wasting hours and weeks of time on research with hit-and-miss possibilities, you can begin putting this research to work immediately and find results and many times complete resolution quickly.

2. Help you avoid the mistake of, "tried one holistic-health option, tried them all."

3. As you are consistent with doing the plan, you will experience changes in your health and your life.  

Jubilee Set

This is a set of charts that you can use with your kinesiology training.  You can order these in 4 sizes, with or without the magnet in them.  (See more on the "Detailed Descriptions" drop-down tab above.)





Gift Certificates

The perfect gift for that special person you want to encourage in their search for holistic health - body, mind, heart, and soul.


If you want a denomination not offered, just combine amounts offered and we will make one gift certificate with the total amount after we contact you for details on amount and type of certificate you desire. 

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GratiTuning Booklet
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