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RESOURCES & Education

The resources below are for your use and will help you in your search for holistic health options - body, soul, mind, and heart.  We only put resources on our website that we have checked out ourselves and feel are valid and useful.


Simply click on any of the banners below to be taken to sites with many possibilities for your holistic health!

Resource Downloads

LRMT Manual

This is a FREE Download

For those of you new to meridian tapping this download is FREE; simply click on the button to the left here and you can either open it or save it to your own computer. 

Lois, our LifeRegeneration energist, was offered a free manual for meridian tapping years ago by Gary Craig and this is one of the things that enabled her to meet serious health challenges and overcome them!  She was so taken with the process and relieved at the outcome that she ended up buying Gary's whole set of classes and worked her way through all of them - money and time well spent!


Since that time she has worked with a multitude of people - friends, family, and clients - teaching them the meridian tapping techniques and finding great results!


If you desire to know more about meridian tapping definitely call us and schedule an appointment to get hands-on training and learn valuable information about how to use this technology for your benefit. 


"Dying to Look Good" 

&  "Food Additives"

Written by Dr. Christine H. Farlow, D.C.

These two resources are a must for your library, or even better for your pocket or pocketbook! These are excellent references for anyone to carry around with them when shopping for food or personal care items.  They will help you to determine if what you are buying is really what you want to put on or in your body.  


<< Click on the book cover to be taken to each site where you can obtain these easy-to-use references.




Excellent contacts who can help you resolve your issues, are worth their weight in gold . . . and more! 

GNM - Healing Tribune Newsletter Heading.png

Free Subscription!

To sign up for a free subscription to the GNM - German New Medicine - newsletter just click on "The Healing Tribune" above and find out how to heal from any disease you have.  Yes!

In the future we will be adding more referrals to this area for your convenience.  Since moving our office to San Antonio, we are still learning about the area and finding excellent para-business offices that may be of benefit to you.  


Some may be tempted to send clients to "just another specialist" they know is out there without checking out these places themselves.  We will only refer you to people we have had experience with ourselves or who come with high recommendation from the few people and offices we respect and know personally.  


Here are just a few we have already had contact with and used for our own issues and benefit!  They come highly recommended by LifeRegeneration!

Dr. Andrew Moore

Moore Chiropractic and

Life Health Solutions
8507 McCullough
San Antonio, TX   78216
(210) 525-9063


                                    LR Jubilee Technique/Options

                              Kinesiology Application

​                              Enter with User Name and Password


​                              The LifeRegeneration Jubilee Options

                               Technique is an invaluable resource for you.

                              This is a tool we use in our office to guide

                              you in discovering the etiology of your challenge(s) in life - whether they be physical illness/disease, financial, relational, emotional issues, mental blocks or spiritual things you would like to resolve.  Payment for this app includes lessons on how to use it so you can learn yourself how to use the kinesiology techniques, the neuro-linguistic principles, and the laws built into life for overcoming and finding fulfillment in all that you do. 

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