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Meridian Tapping


What follows are several examples of actual results with meridian tapping (with the names changed). They demonstrate meridian tapping in action on a wide variety of problems and give you an invaluable sense of what to expect. Please read them all . . . even if some of them do not appear to directly apply to you. There is a lot of overlap in how these techniques work and what applies to one problem may also apply in another.


Further, an important part of your LRMT education is to recognize the various APPROACHES that can be used on a wide variety of ailments. LRMT applies to almost every emotional and physical ailment known to mankind and the procedure itself is basically the same for each ailment. However, the APPROACHES can vary widely. While the following case histories give you some sense of the varying approaches, working directly with a trained energy therapist (energist) may be more useful in this regard. We are limited in what we can do on the printed page.


[Some of the stories below are drawn from my teacher, Gary Craig - the creator of EFT, and some are drawn from sessions in our LifeRegeneration office.]


Fear of public speaking

speech impediment


Sue had a speech impediment that resulted in an advanced fear of public speaking. She attended an EFT workshop and asked for some help during the lunch break.  She showed them a scar on her neck where an operation for throat cancer had been performed. As a result of her operation, she could not speak normally and it was difficult to understand her. She was understandably terrified of public speaking, and to make matters worse she was a Sergeant in the Army and had to "public speak" frequently in front of her troops.


They applied 2 rounds of [basic meridian tapping on the upper body] and she overcame the fear in a few least while thinking about it. When the workshop reconvened, they asked her to come up on stage to test her fear of public speaking. As she walked toward the stage she reported that her fear was upon her again but it was "only a 3," she said. This was much less than the 10 she usually felt but, obviously, there was still some left. This is prime evidence that some new aspect of her fear was emerging that wasn't present in her thinking during the break.


They applied one more round of tapping on stage (while she faced the audience) and the fear fell to zero. She then grabbed the microphone, and told the audience of 100 people the story of what happened over the break. She was filled with calm and poise. The speech impediment was still there, of course. But the fear was gone. Does eliminating the fear of public speaking make someone a great speaker?  No, of course not. Public speaking is an art and takes practice to perfect. What it does do, though, is remove the pounding heart, dry mouth and other fear symptoms so that one is free and comfortable in developing their public speaking skills.


first presented as fear of public speaking



Kelly sat in the front row at one meridian tapping presentation. Her asthma was obvious as those nearby could hear her labored breathing throughout the talk. It was severe enough to sound something like a mild snore and clearly annoyed some of the people near her. After the presentation, she asked me to help her with her fear of public speaking. Interesting, she did not "get" that this technique could relieve asthma so she didn't ask for help on this obvious problem. To her, nothing but medicine could help. So we addressed her fear of public speaking.


About 3 minutes into the procedures she remarked, with a bit of astonishment in her voice, that her breathing had eased. And indeed it had. There was no sign of asthma. We often get "bonus results" like this. Balancing the body's energy system can pay great dividends. As of this writing, [the author had] only addressed a handful of problems (maybe 8 or 10) that involve asthma, breathing or sinus related problems, and had seen clear progress in each case.  What is meant by this is that there was immediate relief every time the tapping was applied.   It is not sure however, that the tapping eliminated the problem forever, as is often the case with emotional issues.


Sometimes the breathing problem comes back and requires additional rounds of LRMT. Please understand that meridian tapping has been applied to more people than one individual can count and it has been impractical to follow up on all of them. So we don't know how many need to repeat the procedures to relieve asthma symptoms. We only know that there is a high likelihood for relief. If you are an asthma sufferer, you have an excellent chance of gaining relief from your problem. You may want to do this with the aid of your physician, however.


AS AN ASIDE:  This case history is one great example of the need for research and records to be gathered.  Most meridian tapping is done by people busy doing the work of helping others vs. gathering data and comparing results.  Supporting a cause like this would go far in advancing the science and purpose of energy medicine. 

Coffee Addiction

soft drinks and chocolate too!



Joe quit drinking coffee. He attended a meridian tapping workshop and observed the application of meridian tapping to someone else who wanted to get over their cravings for coffee. He tapped along with them - although he did it in the background - and his coffee cravings went away . . . . permanently! That was the last cup of coffee he had. Meridian tapping, in this case broke the addiction in one application.


Just so you know that doesn't usually happen.


LRMT is a marvelous tool for getting over immediate cravings and is thus a major help in relieving withdrawal symptoms. But it usually requires many repeated applications before the addiction disappears. About 5% of the people have Joe's response. The rest take longer.


Along these same lines, however, Susan, a psychotherapist, got over an addiction to soft drinks in one two-minute session and Robb did the same thing for chocolate.



needed several sessions and daily work



Aaron got over his addiction to alcohol. This, of course, is a much more serious addiction than coffee, soft drinks or chocolate. He went to bed drunk every night and spent his days with a hangover. In his words, "Alcohol was my God." We needed several sessions with meridian tapping and he performed the routines several times per day. As a result, withdrawal was easy.


In the early stages of his recovery, he walked by his formerly favorite beer at the supermarket with a sense of pride.  Now, one year later, he finds it repulsive.  He has no cravings for alcohol whatsoever. He has his life back. He even passed up a New Year's Eve party because he "didn't want to be around a bunch of drunks."

NOTE OF COMMON SENSE:  Once an addiction is broken, that doesn't mean you can't become re-addicted. Once you get by your addiction to alcohol, or anything else, stay away from it or you will need to break the addiction again.  LRMT does not allow you to "have a little now and then" of your addictive substance.


group session helped everyone



Alicia carried such grief over the death of her brother that, even after two years, she still couldn't speak about it. Her emotions were too intense to get the words out. Gary Craig was asked to give a workshop at a convention she was attending and was allowed to apply these techniques to a handful of volunteers the night before the presentation. Alicia volunteered and he worked on her grief in a 15-minute session that included 7 other people.


The next morning, midway through the workshop, she voluntarily stood up in front of 80 people and expressed her amazement that she could talk calmly about her brother's death. It still wasn't her favorite subject but the grief was gone.


By the way, everyone in that small group made progress during the 15 minute session. One lady got over a height phobia (she tested it several minutes later by looking over a high hotel balcony with no problem).  One man got over anger at a past situation and the others got noticeable relief over a variety of emotional issues.


Fear of Needles

phobic responses quick to disappear



Connie was very anxious around needles. She would become nauseous and would often faint when it was necessary to have her blood taken.  Meridian tapping was applied to her for just a few minutes. The fear went away and her next exposure to needles was without any fear whatsoever.


This is typical, especially with phobic responses like this. Usually just a few minutes with the techniques creates a lasting result. This is true even if the object of the phobia (needles in this case) is not present at the time. In those few times where the actual situation still brings on some of the fear it usually only takes another round or so of tapping to eliminate it permanently.


Physical Pain & Low Back Pain

relief spilled over to other areas



Lea attended a workshop for hypnotherapy students. She told the meridian tapping coach before the workshop that she had a lot of tight muscles and physical pain. I walked her through tapping for relief of the pain around her neck and shoulders. It subsided within two minutes. About an hour into the 3-hour workshop, the teacher asked her if  the pain in her neck and shoulders had come back. She said no and then said that the rest of the pain in her

body had subsided but was not gone completely.  Here's another example of how we address one problem with meridian tapping and other healings occur along the way. In Lea's case, the relief she obained in her neck and shoulder pain spilled over to the rest of her body. 


They then did another round of tapping and the balance of the pain went away and it stayed that way for the rest of the workshop.  Pain like this is often caused by emotional distress

and that's why LRMT can be so effective in addressing it. However, new emotional stresses may bring the painback. If so, repeated uses of LRMT will likely give relief.




Donna is another example along these lines. She, too, attended a workshop on meridian tapping and had such severe lower back pain that she didn't think she could stay for the entire one-day workshop. "I just can't sit that long,"she said. The teacher helped her with tapping and her back did not bother her for the entire rest of the day.


Resolution of Inguinal Hernia

typical surgery not needed



Martin, a young man in his teens, had an inguinal hernia that was verified by his medical doctor and he was referred to a surgeon for resolution of this - implanting mesh in the base of the pelvis to keep the intestines where they belong.  Within 3 days of his surgery Martin had extreme inflamation of the surgical incision with pus draining out through the stitches, indicating an infection caused by something inside the incision obviously from the surgery.  (A clean, antiseptic surgery would not have caused infection in the wound - very sad that this happened.)   Due to this Martin had extreme pain in the abdomen surrounding the stitches for over a week.  The surgeon said it is not uncommon for someone with a hernia to have another one within a year or so on the opposing side and to not be surprised if this turned up. 


Less than a year later Martin did indeed get a hernia on the other side and his mother reasoned that it would take another 10 to 15 days to get into surgery (just like the last one), therefore Martin was asked if he were willing to try energy therapy for the hernia in place of surgery.  They reasoned that if it did not work then he could go for the surgery. 


Martin had been working as a counselor at a kids summer camp and this hernia showed up on a Thursday evening.  He called his Mom and they planned the energy session for the following evening and Saturday.  The energist looked up this malady in Louise Hays' book, "You Can Heal Yourself," and asked Martin if this indeed applied to his life.  He said that it did and was willing to tap on this emotional issue along with the physical issue of the hernia.  They covered it completely with LRMT and brought the emotions attached down to a 0.  The energist also made a 1/2 ounce bottle of essential oil mixture specifically for hernias and instructed Martin to apply that for the next few days morning and evening around the hernia site. 


Martin wanted to return to camp on Sunday afternoon for another week of counseling kids, which he did not want to miss.  He did so with instructions to lift nothing heavy and do no strenuous activity at all.  The Tuesday after his LRMT session (just 3 days later) Martin's mother called him at the camp and asked how he was doing.  Martin began telling her about all the great things they were doing with the kids.  After listening to this his mother clarified that she wanted to know how his hernia was doing.  His comment?  "Oh, mom, that went away yesterday!  It just went back up inside and the hole closed up.  I can't even find it anymore." 


Martin's inguinal hernia was gone for 6 years and then returned while he was in the military - I suspect the stress of military training and the rigors of work - all stressors - allowed this to show up again.  I also suspect that if Martin had used the LRMT to resolve his stressors that this hernia would not have shown up, however in the busy routines of life we often forget to take the time to deal with our stressors.  Use this example to help you to remember to do ongoing tapping and stay aware of those things you should resolve in your mind, your heart, and your physical body!


Meniere's Disease and Tinnitus

medical community knows no etiology or resolution



Lisa, a woman in her 50's, looked for a year for resolution of her Meniere's which her medical doctors said she would have for the rest of her life.  She had severe symptoms of tinnitus and hearing loss in her right ear and had daily attacks of vertigo which would last for hours with vomiting.  Needless to say this was very fearful for her and she had fallen down a couple of times in public places injuring herself.  Lisa's resolution of Meniere's came in steps since there were various meniere's symptoms and many layers found in the etiology.


First she did tapping for her vertigo symptoms since these were the most fearful for her.  She did a few rounds of tapping while she had vertigo and discovered that it lessened to a significant degree.  She began Gary Craig's Personal Peace Procedure and peeled away the emotional layers in her life.  While doing the meridian tapping daily she found she had days where the vertigo was much less and then some days she would still have an attack, but the attacks became much shorter (going from 3-4 hours to only 1 hour or less). 


Lisa realized that whenever there was any stress factor in her life (real or imagined) that the vertigo would become more severe and as she dealt with her stressors the vertigo would go away.  At times it seemed that the meridian tapping was not working since the vertigo would return, but as Lisa began to look at the larger picture (keeping a record each day of vertigo severity and days without it at all), she began to see that it was getting better and better, with more and more days of no attacks at all.  Over the course of a year she went from daily attacks to having mild vertigo very rarely and each time resolved it quickly with tapping on her most recent stress issues.


Second, while working on her vertigo Lisa also decided to deal with the tinnitus.  She was able to resolve this in just one session!  It did come back a few times but she was able to get rid of it immediately by using the LRMT (LifeRegeneration Meridian Techniques). 

Guilt & Insomnia

changes often go unnoticed since they feel very normal



Audrey is a severely disturbed woman whom Gary Craig met with at the request of her therapist. She had been abused physically, mentally and sexually all her life and had a long list of emotional problems that were a challenge to any therapist. He only met with Audrey for 45 minutes. In that time he learned that she carried great guilt over the burning down of her house. It seems she fell asleep one night with a candle going. Her cat subsequently knocked over the candle which, in turn, started the fire. While it may seem obvious that guilt is not in order here, that was not the case with Audrey. She couldn't speak about it without tears. She blamed herself for the entire episode.


Gary walked her through tapping and her guilt appeared to go away. To test it, he let about 20 minutes go by while changing the subject to other things and then asked her to tell him the story about her house burning down. To the surprise of her therapist she said, matter of factly, “It wasn’t my fault” and went on to another subject. No tears. No emotional intensity. The guilt had simply disappeared in minutes.


We tell you this to illustrate a point.  LRMT can be so powerful that the changes often feel very normal.  Accordingly, you may not "feel any different" when using it for certain problems (like guilt). But listen to what you say about it over time. You will tend to dismiss the problem and it will cease to occupy any of your emotional space. It will vanish without any fanfare. That is powerful, indeed, and is precisely what you want. It is the ultimate in emotional freedom.




Audrey also had a problem with insomnia. She slept very little - maybe two hours per night - and had to take drugs to do that. At the end of one session, they had her lay down on a table in her therapist's office and applied meridian tapping to her for sleeping.  Within 60 seconds she was sound asleep.  Gary stayed to speak with the therapist for another 30 minutes and, at the end of that time, Audrey was snoring loudly. She was "gone." No drugs, no pills, nothing but tapping on a badly disrupted energy system.


persistence and consistency is important



Richard had been constipated for 25 years. He was taking Metamucil twice a day and still had difficulty being "regular." He was taught meridian tapping for this problem and he performed the routine diligently several times per day.  After two weeks, there was no noticeable improvement. His meridian tapping coach told him to be persistent and keep at it. Sometimes these things take more time


His coach spoke with him two months later and things had improved materially. He was now taking Metamucil only twice a week instead of twice a day.


As a student of LRMT students/clients must understand that sometimes persistence is important. Emotional problems are often disposed of rapidly and the same is true of many physical problems. However, some situations just take longer and it isn't easy to predict which ones they are. If Richard had given up after two weeks he would not have made this headway. The message? . . . hang in there.



EASY HELP:  One easy thing you can do when you have constipation - even if you don't consider it a huge problem - is to tap in the moment, i.e. when you are constipated just tap while in the bathroom waiting for a bowel movement; just relax and tap and release the tension over it.  You may be amazed how quickly this works!

Body Embarrassment

strong emotions



Bingo discovered meridian tapping at a workshop in Los Angeles. He was a body builder and had shaped himself so magnificently that fitness magazines frequently offered him several thousand dollars to pose for photographs, but Bingo often turned down these offers because he had intense emotional discomfort about revealing his body in public. He was of Asian descent and explained that, in his family, showing off his body was a shameful thing to do. He came up on stage to try to get beyond this problem and became very nervous right away. In fact he said, "If you make me take off my shirt, I'll kill you." Of course he didn't mean it literally but it was certainly an indication of how strong his emotions were about it.


After 3 or 4 minutes with tapping, he smiled and calmly took off his shirt to an enthusiastic applause from the audience.  A day or two later he accepted an offer to pose for a magazine for $3,000.


I don't think, however, he got totally beyond his problem. He made some obvious progress but when he took his shirt off he held it in his hands as though he might like to put it back on. He didn't just throw it aside. Chances are, he needed a few more rounds of tapping to get rid of the problem completely, and doing those rounds would be to the best advantage just before posing for that magazine. But please remember, what was accomplished that day was done under the most adverse circumstances possible - on stage. To make as much headway as we did, which I judge to be about 70%, is remarkable given the setting.



serious symptoms definitely subsided



Carolyn was Gary Craig's first major surprise at how well these techniques can work with physical problems. She attended one of his one-day seminars during his early years with EFT. Gary only spent an hour hitting the highlights of how it worked and helped a few people get over their height phobias (including Carolyn) and their immediate craving for chocolate. What he didn't know was that Carolyn had lupus, a serious degenerative disease. He was simply too busy dealing with many people at once to notice that her hands and feet were swollen from the disease. In fact, she told him later that she couldn't wear normal shoes because of the swelling.


During the seminar Gary taught a shortened version of what he taught in his course. Carolyn decided to tap several times per day for her lupus condition and, to her surprise, her symptoms all subsided. She went to another presentation of Gary's two months later and told him what had happened. The only thing she did differently was meridian tapping. She showed him her hands and feet and reported that the swelling had gone completely away. She also said that her energy level had risen to a point where she went dancing frequently. This is something she couldn't do before.


So, does this mean LRMT will cure lupus? I'm not saying that, although it is very hard to ignore what happened. It obviously helped with her symptoms. I offer this stunning example as evidence of the power of EFT/LRMT and encourage you to apply it even for serious diseases. Please, however, do so with the supervision of your physician. 


As a follow up, Gary called Carolyn several months later to see how her lupus was going. She had stopped doing her daily tapping and the symptoms began to reappear. Sometimes physical problems go away completely with no more tapping and sometimes not. This is a case of sometimes not. What is important to recognize here is what did happen, not what didn't. Serious symptoms definitely subsided while balancing the energy system. That is not to be ignored.



KEEP IN MIND:  Lupus is just another symptom of the REAL disease you have.  So what is the real disease you suffer from?  You have an overactive immune system disease. Your immune system "freaks out" when it meets your joints and other healthy tissues and attacks them. You are diagnosed with Lupus because your immune system reacts in such a way as to create the symptoms. . . . . You have an overactive or blinded immune system disease!


- from:

Ulcerative Colitis

we do not diagnose, prescribe, or heal



Here's another case with a serious disease. Dorothy had ulcerative colitis and was taking heavy medication that had many negative side effects. Ulcerative colitis is a painful disease of the colon and, in Dorothy's case, it was severe. When her doctors inspected it they reported, using lay terms, that it was "90% infected."


Dorothy worked with a meridian tapping assistant and did two things: (1) she became a vegetarian and (2) she began using meridian tapping daily for her disease. She began to feel much better within a few weeks and chose to slack off on her medication. (Note: we never advise anyone to discontinue medication without consulting with their physician.) About 6 months later, her doctors examined it again and reported it as "10% infected." That was 3 years ago and she has had little or no trouble with it since. In fact, a year ago she gave birth to a child.


Now what do you  suppose caused her disease to subside? Was it the vegetarian diet, or meridian tapping, or both? There is no way to tell for sure. People often try several healing methods simultaneously and so it is hard to say which contributed the most. Once you have more experience with tapping you may conclude, as I have, that it should always be included as one of the healing techniques.


At LifeRegeneration we have chosen to focus mainly on LRMT because it is a technique which ties the whole body together - soul, heart, mind, and body - and works seamlessly with other treatments.  Plus, all challenges are affected by stress, emotional responses, and what we believe.  We do however take a holistic view and definitely encourage people to seek various avenues for resolving their challenges. 


Panic Attack

great relief in just minutes



Kerry called a meridian tapping consultant from a Lake Tahoe hotel in the midst of a panic attack. If you are familiar with panic attacks, you know of the overpowering terror they bring on. People who are in the midst of a panic attack often think they are going to die. Such was the case with Kerry.


She called with obvious panic in her voice and immediately gave her room number in case anyone needed to come and find her.  The consultant walked her through tapping over the phone and got her over the serious part of her panic within a few minutes.


By contrast, sufferers of this condition often endure this intense fear for several hours. To take the edge off within minutes is a welcome relief indeed. In Kerry's case, another 20 minutes was required to bring it way down.



Fear of Elevators

painless trauma technique



Ellen used meridian tapping to eliminate her fear of elevators.  During a break in a meridian tapping seminar she asked for help her with this lifelong fear. She was understandably timid and cautious about her request as are most people who suffer from intense fears like this.


Conventional psychology often requires phobics to confront their fear head on. The fear-laden person is typically asked to grit their teeth, clench their fist and get on that elevator. In this way, the logic goes, the fearful person becomes "desensitized" or "gets used to" the fear. To me that's a well meant, but unnecessary, practice that, compared to LRMT creates unjustifiable pain. It often serves to scare people out of their socks and gives them yet another fearful trauma to overcome.


Such practices are no longer necessary, since LRMT is about as pain free as these things get.  Ellen was told that she wouldn't go near an elevator until she felt totally comfortable about it. So she and the seminar speaker stayed in the seminar room and spent 3 or 4 minutes applying tapping techniques. She then said that she had never been so relaxed about elevators before and was ready to go on one.  Fortunately, this seminar was in a hotel and they were about 30 steps from an elevator.


Normally, as a caution, an energist/consultant would have stopped Ellen before going on the elevator and repeated the tapping procedures. In this case, they didn't get a chance because she quickly entered an open elevator and began pushing the buttons with an obvious sense of glee. The trainer got in with her just as the doors were closing and spent the next 10 minutes in that elevator. They went up, down, stopped, resumed, opened the doors, closed the doors and tested her fear in every way they could. She was totally relaxed with no fear whatsoever, not even a trace. Her lifelong fear had vanished

ONCE AGAIN:  this trainer had the privilege of handing someone the keys to emotional freedom.  You are on your way to gaining the same ability. To expand your understanding of LRMT, REMEMBER TO BE PERSISTENT and faithful to do your "home rest" which is merely tapping on your issues as we have described at least twice a day if not more often.

More to Come!
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