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Many people want to see and hear (rather than just read on our site) about what LifeRegeneration is all about.  This page is for them! . . . and for the rest of you who enjoy using all your senses! 
Kinesiology & Tapping

Quick Training for Kinesiology Self Testing 

Until I create my own video to show you how to self test, this young man does an excellent and quick presentation that will get you started. 

At LifeRegeneration we use Kinesiology along with meridian tapping for using the Jubilee Options App.  My main advice is, DON'T QUIT! PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE - at least 2 minutes a day and every day.   

Jessica Ortner Training on Tapping Points

I have decided that allowing Jessica to show you the LRMT Tapping points is much easier, economical, and professional than trying to create my own video at this point in time.


My time and efforts are being spent helping clients and I thoroughly enjoy working with them.

Want To Bring Out Some Relationship Emotions?

THIS is the video for you!  My daughter actually heard this and thought of me!  Then she shared it with my husand (her Poppy) and he totally agreed. . . . They then proceeded to send it to me (since I was in Wyoming packing our house for our move while Wade, my husband, was already working down in San Antonio). 


I tell you, this totally brings out my emotions at those times when I'm frustrated and yet totally committed to love my spouse.  Maybe you can relate and use this for a tapping session!  Just tap while singing this - it is guarantee to bring your vital emotions to the forefront for release and move you into the arena of humor and peace. 


Life IS a challenge but relationships make it worth the challenge - so


take a leap into

quantum transformation


BEMER technology

We have been using the BEMER pad here at LifeRegeneration for over 15 years now and love the results we and our clients obtain.


It has been used for:

  • Speedy healing and resolution of pain for a hip-hop dance instructor who pulled some muscles and needed chiropractic adjustment.

  • Pain resolution for the lower back, shoulders, and knees.

  • Relaxation for the whole body - allowing release of stressors

  • Wound healing

  • Relief of arthritis pain

  • Jump-starting the immune system

  • Release of pain in pulled or strained muscles

  • Many, many other physical maladies.

  • Daily upkeep for a healthy body and maintaining the ability for your body to heal quickly and stay healthy.


Combined sessions with the LRMT - tapping while on the BEMER is wonderful to experience!


Consider taking advantage of a BEMER session and you just might want to purchase one for yourself - talk to us at LifeRegeneration about the variety of options you have for this technology.

If you would like more information on the BEMER (especially testimony from clients who have used it), just go to YouTube by clicking on the logo below and search BEMER::






There are various videos of what the BEMER has done for people as well as the science behind the technology.



The Ripple Effect


The ripple effect explains in part why our attitude, actions, words, heart, and more affects those around us and even those we have no contact with.  At LifeRegeneration we give you techniques for training yourself in a variety of things that will have a positive effect on the ripple effect. 


  • Gratituning

  • Forgiveness

  • Love

  • Perspective shifting

  • Releasing Stressors

  • Renewing Your Mind


 . . . . . .  to name just a few. 


Of course the ripple effect is in effect all the time so you must choose to either be using it by default - i.e. no thought and just flying by the seat of your pants - or by choice, which will return amazing results!


You can't get away from the laws, however you CAN learn how to use them to your benefit!

Any suggestions

for what you would like to see on this page, please contact us through our contact tab and send us your thoughts!

The Tapping Solution Preview


The Tapping Solution DVD is available for you to watch in our office for free.  Or you can order a copy for yourself so you can watch it in your own home and share with others. 


You can even watch it and use it for "borrowing benefits" - tap along with it after setting an intention of your own.  You may be surprised at the results you find. 


What Experts are Saying About Meridian Tapping

Here you will receive just a little eye opener about LRMT - meridian tapping - and begin to understand the wide variety of experts who are using this wonderful technique.  


At LifeRegeneration we use the meridian tapping along with the addition of Kinesiology, Jubilee Options and BEMER technology. 

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