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LifeRegeneration Physical Store

The products below can be purchased in our office, in person, in the San Antonio area.  If you want colloidal silver sent to you, additional shipping charges will be added. We have been making quality colloidal silver for 5 years now in our own processing area in our office.  Take advantage of the prices, which are less than what you'll find anywhere . . . unless you come and learn how to make your own!  

If you'd like to take a class on how to make your own quality colloidal silver and have us help you find the silver and other materials you will need, please contact us and set up a teaching appointment.  Take a vacation in beautiful San Antonio and learn this invaluable skill on the same trip!  

If you desiring education on colloidal silver - it uses, its history, and why it won't turn you blue, just visit the LifeRegeneration Health Library, under the resources tab above.  The download you will find there is FREE!  :-)


LifeRegeneration Colloidal Silver

2 oz nasal                                        12.50

2 oz. mist                                         11.50

2 oz. eye dropper                              11.50

4 oz. sprayer – out of stock               18.00

8 oz. sprayer                                   33.00

8 oz. bottle w/ lid                            32.00

16 oz. bottle                                    51.00

16 oz. w/ trigger sprayer                   52.00

½ Gallon bottle (64 ouncs)                96.00

1 Gallon bottle (128 ounces)              128.00


Three-Gift Set: 2 oz. each of
nasal, mist, and dropper                   30.00

(saves $5.50)

Four-Gift Set: 2 oz. each of
nasal, mist, dropper, Plus 8-oz.
refill bottle (saves $7.50)                  60.00

Four-Gift Set: Same as above
except 8-oz. sprayer bottle               61.00


9.5-oz. café bottle                            33.25
Four 9.5-oz. café bottles                   76.00

17-oz. soda bottle                            50.00

1-gallon Arizona Tea bottle               116.00

1-gallon Distilled Water bottle           115.00

CS various bottles.jpg


If you want to purchase multiple bottles of our colloidal silver, we will gladly give you great discounts.  As you can already see above, when you purchase more ounces, the price per ounce goes down from $5 per ounce all the way down to $1 per ounce for the gallon bottles and even less for our recycled bottles.  Just ask us for bulk pricing on any amount you want and we will make it well worth your purchase to buy in bulk!  

One example is, if you buy five (5) gallons of colloidal silver in the recycled bottles, we can sell it to you for $510 vs. $580 if you purchase these individually.  Buy nine (9) bottles, and we'll give you the tenth bottle for free!  

Strength Graphics.png

When storing colloidal silver for long term, definitely STORE IN A DARK PLACE.  

The bottles sold above are in dark blue or brown bottles and therefore appropriate for placing on your bathroom counter, kitchen sink area, and other areas in your home where you want ready access to them.  

IF YOU WANT A CLEANING SPRAY BOTTLE, please let us know and we will add our LifeRegeneration Thieves to your colloidal silver for a GREAT sanitizer that can be used on any surface as well as on your hands and even in your mouth!  We use this in place of all the toxic hand sanitizers and even anti-bacterial soaps and mouth wash.  I carry a small 2-oz. spray bottle in my purse for use when entering other establishments vs. using the sanitizers they offer.  I also keep the 8-ounce spray bottle at each of the sinks in my home. 

The prices above are for dark blue or Boston brown bottles, however we are doing our part for the earth by also using recycled bottles made with food-grade materials appropriate for colloidal silver (cs) storage.   You can do your part by purchasing these bottles and even return with them for refills of CS.    

Dark glass bottles are appropriate for cs when it is in a lighted area however food grade plastic is best for long-term storage when stored in a dark cupboard.

Colloidal Silver Made in the USA!  

Made in USA Label.jpg
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