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Any downloads - free or paid for - are for your use alone and are not to be shared with others.  Please direct any interested individuals to our site if they desire to download copies of our material.

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Thyroid Heath
Thyroid Paper

LifeRegeneration Health Library
Heart, Soul, Mind, & Body

LifeRegeneration wants to not only help you with your health through avenues which often help when nothing else will, but we also want to make you aware of other aspects of your health which are vital to your overall being, and point you toward other therapies and ministries which we feel are important avenues you may want to pursue in order to obtain complete health for your body, soul, mind and heart.


I would appreciate it if you would give LifeRegeneration your e-mail address, so I can send you updates (no more often than 4 times a year) on what we have available, or important information for the times we are in.  I will never sell your address or inundate you with e-mails daily, weekly, or even monthly!  I detest my overly full in-box and the spam, and even valid e-mails I have to wade through much much too often.  At this time just drop me an e-mail at: with "Add Me" or "Subscription" in the Re: line and maybe a small note in the body of your email telling me what your challenges in life are.  THANKS! 

This small library is free to you for your searches 24/7.  Much of it is drawn from other sources and placed here to make it easy for you to find information in one place. Where applicable the source of information is attributed to the original authors, and is either used by permission of those authors or drawn from other free sources.  If you desire, you may print your own copy and even share that with others, as long as you:

1. Do not charge others for your copy(ies), and

2. Let them know where you obtained your copy from - The LifeRegeneration Health Library (

For easy reference I've attempted to place these small booklets, articles, documents, and links to other sources in order of the issue they deal with, so first look for your challenge alphabetically. I however, encourage you to peruse and read all you can, in order to educate yourself and hopefully remove any faulty indoctrination you may have received in the past. 

ANY source can have wrong information, even the CDC, FDA, medical colleges, doctors, holistic practitioners, chiropractors, herbalists, and more.  Remember that just because things work in a laboratory, does not mean they work in the human body as you expect. Real life is the final test. Consider:

  • If something works in a laboratory with animals, under strict conditions but does not work for you, then it does not work for you!

  • If something has never been tested in a laboratory, but your mom and grandmother used it successfully, then don’t negate it for your use.

  • If something does not work in a laboratory, but it works for you, then it works for your purposes.

  • If something seems very strange just because you have not used it before, don’t discount it. If it has no negative side effects and no dangers, and others tell you it works for them, then consider it, as long as you have no extenuating circumstances.

  • If something has serious negative side effects that claims to work for your issue, and something else has no negative side effects that also claims to work for your issue, which would you try first?

  • When using holistic options, use quality (not the cheap product that does not work and not necessarily the most expensive) and be persistent and consistent with your application.  If you try one thing that does not work and then throw all holistic options out, you may miss the one or combination of what will work.

​  The information is also here for use with the understanding that the creators of this web site are not giving any medical advice nor do they take responsibility for your health.  This information is merely for educational purposes. You agree that you alone are the one ultimately responsible for your health and you alone will be the one who receives the consequences for your choices - not your doctor, not your health store clerk, not your holistic practitioners.  You alone.  Wisdom consists in understanding this and using all your resources - medical, holistic, natural, time-proven - before making decisions for your own welfare.  Never allow anyone to convince you that they are the final decision maker for your well being - only God can claim that position, and He loves you unreservedly. 


Links to Other Great Libraries and/or Resources

Further Info on Library Sections and in-depth info on booklets

Spiritual Health

At LifeRegeneration we understand that spiritual health is vital to your emotional and thus physical health.  All throughout Scripture God tells us in detail how our thoughts, speech, emotions and beliefs will affect our whole being including our physical body.  Any individual would do well to search out the Truth in this area and pursue it.

Mind Reprogramming

We are instructed to renew our minds (Rom. 12:2 and Eph. 4:23) and not be conformed to the world's way of thinking. We can either reason like the world or we can choose to reprogram our mind and think like God tells us to think (Phil. 4:8).  Many illnesses are trapped in our body due to how we think.  Releasing these then enables our body to heal itself like it was created to.


At  LifeRegeneration we will teach you how to release the harmful thinking and reprogram your mind to work the way you choose.  You will learn techniques for training your mind to think what you choose rather than just react to what comes at you during your day.  Real thinking, not just reacting with your mind battling against your emotions (heart). 

HINT: When dealing with a challenge that involves your heart and your mind, your heart will most often "win" which is often not a win for you.  The life manual says that the heart is deceitfully wicked . . .  it will lead you the wrong way for your purpose, your fulfillment, and your health. 

Heart / Emotions

The medical community already agrees that our emotions have an integral and vital part in our overall physical health.  Anger, fear, shame, confusion, and stress in general affect and are often the etiology of our physical illnesses.  Many medical journals agree that the root of over 80% of disease is stress. 


At LifeRegeneration we specialize not in just managing stress but resolving it and training you to do the same on an on-going basis!


We also focus on trapped emotions due to trauma - PTSD, abuse, faulty perceptions - and find that drawing these to the surface and then releasing them play an integral role in healing the physical body. 

Body Healing

Many of my clients come because of a problem they have with their body - illness, disease, pain, aging - and they learn techniques for allowing the body to return to a balanced state and so regain the ability to heal and live in health as they were created to.  We do not heal anyone!  You however can learn how to think and deal with issues so that your own body kicks into healing mode.  We teach you techniques for doing this.  We give you tools, so you will not be dependent on LifeRegeneration in the long term. 

Yes!  I know, that works me out of a job, but my job is actually also a ministry and my goal is for your good and for you to find your purpose in life and fulfillment in all your body, mind, spirit, and heart.  Yes!

LRMT Manual Book Cover Cropped.png


Lois, our LifeRegeneration energist, was offered a free manual for meridian tapping years ago by Gary Craig and this is one of the things that enabled her to meet serious health challenges and overcome them!  She was so taken with the process and relieved at the outcome that she ended up buying Gary's whole set of classes and worked her way through all of them - money and time well spent!


Since that time she has worked with a multitude of people - friends, family, and clients - teaching them the meridian tapping techniques and finding great results!


If you desire to know more about meridian tapping definitely call us and schedule an appointment to get hands-on training and learn valuable information about how to use this technology for your benefit. 


LRMT Manual

This is a FREE Download

For those of you new to meridian tapping this download is FREE; simply click on the button to the left here and you can either open it or save it to your own computer. 

Share it for free with others! 

Vaccine References

& Resources

This is a FREE Download

For those of you who are pro-vaxx,

those who are prior-vaxx, those who

are anti-vaxx, and those who are

just plain confused about all the

information being thrown around. 


We at LifeRegeneration are simply FOR INFORMATION before making any decisions.  We are also FOR YOU being able to make your own decisions regarding your health care and the care of your children and family. 

We are ANTI-BULLYING concerning whether you vaccinate or do not vaccinate.

This resource is simply for providing you with access to the facts - CDC information, pharmaceutical information, scientific studies, personal testimonies, and more.  There are links in here that will easily and quickly take you to government sites, doctor sites, research sites, videos, discussions, and more. 


You owe it to yourself to get all the information you can before you make decisions regarding vaccinations.  After all, your doctor gives you full information before any other medical procedure and provides you with the leaflets for any side effects of medications they give you.  You deserve the same when it comes to vaccines.

Vaccine References and Resources Cover C
Vaccine Refs Desripi

We encourage you to check out our entire website in your search for complete healing.  Our overall site is geared toward helping your complete being.  We specialize in just a few techniques, never assuming that these alone will bring you to complete healing, however many times what you accomplish with LifeRegeneration will be just what is needed to complete the balance of energy for healing.  Our LRMT, Kinesiology and Jubilee Options techniques,

combined with any other health care, counseling and spiritual growth you are involved in will maximize the effect of those and get you on the road to complete health and full life.  


We have additional links in each of these areas to hopefully keep you on a valid road to educating yourself (since there are counterfeits out there for everything).  If you have any other sites you think would be helpful, let us know and we will consider those and possibly add them to our resources tab.


Our home office is located in Live Oak (just 15 miles from downtown San Antonio, the River Walk and the Alamo). We can see clients in our office here or visit with you "face-to-face" via phone or messenger phone chat, so call us for an appointment.  We would love to help you with "balancing your energy" by resolving your stressors, renewing/reprogramming your mind, guarding your heart, and dealing with any issues involved; this in turn will affect your physical, mental and emotional health. 

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