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Scripture Tapping Helps



Over the past 40 years I have observed Christians dealing with the challenge of balancing scripture with their every-day life.  I call it balancing because that is often what we do.  As children of God we have chosen to follow Jesus Christ and we must choose daily to listen to the Holy Spirit, and yet we often are overcome by life.  

We know that the best way to accomplish what God is leading us through and to find success in our lives is to FILTER what we see through the guide of Scripture, and yet we often find ourselves looking at our life then trying to make sense of it in relation to Scripture.  How we perceive things makes a vast difference.  

You ask, what is the difference between filtering what we see through Scripture vs. balancing our life with Scripture vs. trying to make sense of what we see in life with what we read in Scripture?  The difference is huge and it will make the difference between whether you achieve your goals in life and in whether you move forward in accomplishing what God created you to do.  It will make a big difference in whether you will live a healthy, content, challenging, overcoming life or settle for being sick, frustrated, confused, and defeated in this life.  

Just because we are Christians does not mean we will automatically walk in health and abundance.  No, we must learn how to walk in that and how to "walk by faith," vs. stumble along trying to grasp the truths and the promises in God's Word.  

Back to filtering our choices through Scripture vs. using Scripture to make sense of life.  Here is an example of what some do (not the best avenue to go down):

1. I have been diagnosed with this disease, sickness, or malady. 

2. I have sought God on what to do and I want to follow Jesus' example while dealing with this. 

3. Since I'm a Christian, I want to do what is responsible and reasonable, so others will see this and know that Christians are sensible, responsible people and hopefully want to become a Christian. (pssst, be aware that this can lead to following culture versus following God.)

4. I will look in Scripture and find passages that will back up my choices to find peace and direction in what to do.  If I cannot find a scripture to back up a choice, THEN I might change my choice(s) and attempt to get in line with God's Word.  



  • Get the big picture

  • See the small parts

  • Realize the facts in life – diagnosis, real science, government getting too big, Satan vying for your life, false prophets, etc.

  • Find people who will support you in following God's Word.

  • Open your mind and eyes to really see what God's Word is saying to you.  Don't jump over what you don't understand and what seems to make no sense.  Study it. 


The standards are there to keep us safe, give us a path to follow and make our options clear (Deut 10:12-13).  We still have a free will and God is looking forward to us using it to discover truth, life, and yes even excellent health.  We encourage you to find out who it is who created you.  He created you as a person who has great value - immeasurable.  He wants you to know Him and enjoy Him, find fulfillment in the abilities and gifts which are in you, and to create your life with Him beside you to help you all the way.



NOW you may ask why this page is called "Scripture Tapping Helps." The following is an outline for using the LRMT (LifeRegeneration Meridian Techniques) when reading scripture, especially areas of scripture you want to see in your life, but just don't see it happening. 


LRMT is not some type of magical process; it is merely a tool to help you focus and put aside those things that vie for your attention, while you renew your mind and take down the strongholds of the world that are keeping you from resolving the issues you want dealt with.


Use the scripture passages you are reading.  Tap on the points you have learned, while praying and asking God to work them into your life - your actions, your reactions, your habits, your thoughts, your feelings, and more!  A KEY is to focus on the issue.

  • Rate how well you feel you reflect or emulate the characteristic or ability you are looking at in scripture.  (1-10 from not at all to very well with God's help). 

  • Do a round of tapping and giving it to God. 

  • Make sure you are drinking pure water and take time for a deep breath.  

  • Thank God for working that into you, even before you may see or feel it.

  • Pause and wait on God to put His peace in you about this, then rate it again.

  • If it is a 10 great!  If it is below that, then repeat the steps above, until you feel the peace of God that passes all understanding. 

That is scripture tapping!  Basically taking those things in the Word that you would like God to work into you and asking Him to help you with it.  How is this different than just praying or reading scripture?  This technique gets your whole mind and your emotions involved along with your spirit and moving them in the direction that God's Word intends.  It also helps to get your mind off things it may stray to like work, or that list of things you need to get done.  Essentially, it FOCUSES your whole being on The Word and "tells the world to wait while you do that."  

The tapping helps to keep your emotions from trumping your mind (overriding what you see in scripture and know to be true).  The tapping helps to get your heart in line with what you are reading so you are not fighting the war of, "Why do I do what I don't want to do and can't seem to do what I want to do?" Does this sound like Paul's battle (Romans 7:18-19)? 

NOW go a step further and use the chart below to work God's Word into your life.  The links will help you:

  • While using Kinesiology find if any of these areas apply to you.

  • Find areas you can work on to overcome the challenges you face.

  • Cover some basics in your spiritual life that when changed will affect your mind, your heart and even your physical body. 

  • Shift your perception(s) from a world-focused view to a God-focused view. 

Scriture Helps Grid

These main perception areas below are for showing you what scripture says concerning your challenge(s) in life.  Three areas are available to you below that will activate when you click on them.  The rest can be found in detail in the Jubilee App. where all can be activated and used.

When journeying down any of these "paths" stop, take time, put effort into pulling out those areas you want to change, and then deal with them one by one by using the helps here. 

Don't "stuff" emotions; allow them out to share with God and ask His help in resolving what you want to get rid of. 
Don't just mentally agree with these; bring them to the front of your heart and mind and get rid of each one!
Don't just learn and memorize the vital points; get all the emotions connected to any negatives disconnected and rendered powerless, while connecting to those attributes God lays out for you - many in the Jubilee Options Chart!
Don't just pray and then run off into your busy life again with them not vanquished!

DO each step until you feel the peace of God that is above all understanding, THEN move into training your mind to think as He instructs.

Attitude of


Think on These Things

Guard Your Heart

Renew Your Mind

Be Aware of Whole You

Solve Your


Deal with Satan's Attacks


Jubilee Options

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