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Our energist, Lois Kraft, has trained as an

EFT (emotional freedom techniques)

practitioner, studied NLP (neuro-linguistic

programming), experienced brain/sound

wave entrainment herself, and has attended

conferences on the use of the BEMER pad

after discovering these helped tremendously

with Meniere's Disease for which no resolution

had been found through traditional

medicine.  Her family doctor could help with

some of the symptoms with the use of

medications for the nervous system (meclizine, diazepam, lorazepam), however no resolution of the root cause was obtained through medical avenues.


Lois has also trained in the use of kinesiology and the use of The Body Code (created by Dr. Brad Nelson), and has expanded this system to include:

->  A broader expanse of testing

->  Various options in clearing energy

->  The addition of the Jubilee Options

Lois has Bachelors' Degrees in Sociology, Anthropology, and Theology, and has worked on a Masters Degree in Linguistics for the purpose of working in Third World Countries.  She has also earned an advanced practitioner's certificate in EFT/LRMT (meridian tapping techniques).  She has always been interested in helping people with struggles they could not overcome on their own.   


At LifeRegeneration we have helped people in a broad range of areas - pain resolution, hernias, pneumonia, performance and achievement, stress resolution, and enabling the body to heal itself after the energy and immune systems are put in working order. 

The combination of MTT (Meridian Tapping Techniques) and renewing the mind are wonderful to observe in others and experience in yourself!  These energy techniques also can increase the effectiveness of other therapies when used in conjunction with them (i.e., traditional counseling methods, allopathic medications, naturopathy, and other energy avenues), and are wonderful for avoiding many post surgical problems. 

Private Energy Coaching

Seminars & Workshops

Long-Distance Sessions

stop hurting
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We at LifeRegeneration define the body as your physical body with its various senses -  our bodies are involved in seeing, hearing, touch, smell, and taste.  Each of these abilities were given for our enjoyment, education, and healing.  Pain is one way for our body to tell us that something is not working the way we were created to function, however, we were not intended to live with chronic pain on a long-term basis, but rather to use the pain to point the way to the root cause of our malady.  Sometimes these are things we may not have dealt with in our soul, spirit, and/or emotions.

Our soul is the part of our being which deals with the emotions, cognition, and often is the bridge between the body and the spirit.   

LRMT technology can help you to discover where the breakdown is and resolve the etiology of your pain.  After using these therapies people often find that their medical doctors will begin taking them off the drugs which were intended to be used on a short-term or emergency basis.  These medications were originally intended to give you the time you need to find the root cause of your problem(s) and truly resolve them rather than using drugs chronically as a crutch. 


When your energy is truly aligned and the etiology of your malady is removed you will often not need your medications any longer nor the contraindications that came with them.  Of course we trust you will present this to your doctor(s) and follow their instructions in ceasing any medications prescribed. 

So . . . try it out!  Come and visit with us to discover where you can benefit from these simple techniques.  You may be pleasantly surprised.

REMEMBER, you can visit our office in person, OR you can visit via the phone where we can successfully walk you through finding the etiology of your challenge(s).

Take advantage of the following techniques
in our office:


  • LRMT (Life Regeneration Meridian Techniques) -> drawn from EFT, MTT and NLP.

  • BEMER (Bio-ElectroMagnetic Energy-field Regulation) -> 10- to 30-minute sessions.

  • MindRenewal -> Choosing how YOU want to perceive your world and how to make the shift.

  • BodySpeak -> Muscle testing to discover the true etiology of issues and maladies and release trapped emotions and false beliefs.

  • Jubilee Options -> Choices to replace negative energy which often results in healing, positive character traits and habits.

(Muscle testing to connect with the body's energy system)
open your eyes to


  • Pain relief

  • Stress resolution

  • Finding the etiology and resolution of disease and sickness.

Chronic and serious diseases can take 6 to 12 sessions (versus years in traditional healing modalities), along with a daily plan for the client to use at home, to work through to resolution.  LRMT can also help those who struggle with issues in the emotional and spiritual arenas, as well as phobias and performance challenges.  I can work with you either in person in our office, or over the phone or messenger voice call if you live at a distance. 


If you prefer to work via e-mail and allow us to use proxy sessions, this is also an option and fees will be charged accordingly.

grab onto
Education Options:


  • Meridian Tapping

  • Jubilee Options

  • Sunshine                

  • Essential Oils           

  • Renew-your-mind program            

  • Meditation               

  • Water

  • Bach Flower Therapy

  • Gratituning

  • Kinesiology


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