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Science and Research


At LifeRegeneration we encourage our clients, and even the skeptics, to look carefully at the techniques and the technology we use.  On this page you will find information behind the technology and the specific modalities we offer you.


We hope you will consider the links and information below and do further research on your own, making your own decisions concerning the techniques and technology we use here at LifeRegeneration.   Also, some of the best research you can do is to try it out and see for yourself what the results are; after all, if it works in the lab and not in real life, then what use is it?  In the same vein, if it works in real life, then why would someone discount it just because a lab study invalidates it? 



Keep in Mind:


"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it." 

- George Orwell



"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all."

- Aristotle



"It will soon be possible to transmit wireless messages so simply that an individual can carry his own apparatus."

- Nikola Tessla, 1909



"History shows us that people who end up changing the world are always nuts, until they are right, and then they are geniuses."

- John Eliot



Read carefully on any site you come across while searching for the validity of holistic avenues and technology. Sometimes it is hard to sift through the opinions and find the valid research.  Please consider the source of any reviews and research you come across; look at the professional quality of the studies and writing on the sites you visit.  Also be willing to look at studies across the globe, not just American research.


For years I did medical transcription and we learned to be very aware of the website addresses of our information searches so we became very good at spotting a website that was not valid for researching our medical or technological terms and processes. 


Medical journals and government sites are usually great resources.  Believe it or not, some of the things a medical doctor will invalidate are shown right in their own medical references to work; they just don't have the time to read them since they are so busy tending to people!  


Please understand that your medical doctors and other professionals are there for you to reference and gain knowledge and insight from; however, remember you are the final decision maker in your own health, life, spiritual, relationship, financial, and career choices.  Be grateful for those who can help you and be glad that you have the freedom to make choices in your life!  


My husband and I came across this on our first visit to a naturopath in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  After he used this rather odd and disconcerting method on us to determine what our bodies needed for dealing with various maladies, we left his office, got in our car, and then looked at each other with a combined look of surprise, wariness, excitement . . . I can't properly describe that look!  I asked him what he thought about that and he was speechless.  We both decided that we would see what happens and not make any judgement until the verdict was it. 


My reasoning went something like this:  1) If it works in the lab but does nothing for me in real life, then it's worthless.  2) If it works for me then it has some validity in my life.  3) The medical community uses things all the time in their offices that have not been proven in any lab.  4) If it is merely placebo effect but gets rid of my malady, then that's fine with me!  . . . and so on. 


We used what the kinesiologist / naturopath suggested and it made a vast difference in our lives.  For me this was very significant since no medical doctor could offer me any prognosis except a decline in my health, relegation to a wheelchair, cessation of meaningful work, and chronic drugs to enable me to function. 


I now use this technology in my work with clients and it is wonderful to see the results!


Every major university now has classes in Kinesiology and many have Kinesiology Departments.  You can get a degree in Kinesiology, yet many people still do not know what it is. 


It was not too long ago that kinesiology was considered quackery along with chiropractics and massage therapy.  In the recent past it was seen as valid only in the realm of sports, physical education, and sports achievement.  Over the past 30 years it has slowly been accepted and gained a following in the area of energy medicine and holistic health for every area of the body - the heart, soul, mind, and body - and is being used in the offices of medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, life coaches, naturopaths, counselors, energy consultants, and others.


Most of the people I come into contact with are not familiar with kinesiology or its uses.  When they see how it is done, many are wary and still see it as "quackery." 


Here you will see the science and the real life results of using kinesiology to "ask the body" what is wrong with it.  See, you're already giving strange glances to the person near you. 

LRMT LifeRegeneration Meridian Techniques

Let me first tell you, I'm a skeptic.  I want to check something out completely before I'll believe it . . . unless it is God's Word which I start with by saying I believe it and then begin working it into my life, which at times is a challenge.   (The tapping helps with that too ! )


Well, back to the proof . . . You will find links below to studies and research articles.  I also have my own "research" to present to you.  After all what brings results deserves to be considered.  Here are just a few of the results obtained in the LifeRegeneration office:


  • Resolution of inguinal hernia

  • Relief from severe pneumonia

  • Enabling one to learn dance routine for a community play

  • Resolve stress involved in job performance

  • Pain obliteration in muscles, joints, and headaches

  • Alignment of energy to enable body to heal from injuries

  • Reading ability and retention of information improved

  • Getting rid of tinnitus

  • Overcoming Meniere's Disease symptoms

  •  . . . just to name a few


I have had a few clients who did not find results with LRMT, however I must clarify that these were clients who did not want to pursue the process - one did not want to do the tapping prescribed (her husband had convinced her to come and she really did not want to do it).  Another was expecting the work to all be done only in the office - he returned each week saying he had not done any tapping during the week.  This does work if they are willing to come back for additional office visits and be persistent enough to work through to resolution.  Sometimes one visit works and it seems miraculous, but at other times there are emotional layers that need to be discovered and dealt with. I find that if one is persistent and consistent daily that LRMT works and is wonderful to experience. 


My own case of Meniere's literally took a year to totally banish, each week and month encouraging the process as the symptoms lessened.  I find now that with an experienced energist this time can be shortened greatly.


Be encouraged that over the past 10 years meridian tapping has come a long way and is being used more and more by mainstream doctors, counselors and therapists.  Just look at the results below!


Energy Pad Technology

Here are some links which lead to scientific studies performed with the BEMER.  One looks at the use of the BEMER with MS patients.  Other studies show the effectiveness in various situations.  Check it out!


In our office here at LifeRegeneration, we have used the BEMER on a great variety of issues, and find that it does indeed bring relief and enable the body to begin healing as it was created to do.  


We have used it on people with issues from the common cold to  arthritis pain.  It is a wonderful addition to the meridian tapping as your body gets a literal spa dealing with physical oxygenation and emotional release at the same time! 

If you want to experience the night-time settings on the BEMER before purchasing one for yourself, you can do so here in San Antonio and take a little vacation as well, yes?  No other office that I know of in the USA has this option - they just have the regular settings available, since night-time settings must be used at night to work properly with the circadian rhythm of the earth.  

Check this option out below or just move into the luxury of purchasing a Energy Pad for use in your very own home!

Love . . . Guard Your Heart . . . Forgive . . .
     . . . Believe!

In our LifeRegeneration office we train you concerning your whole being - heart, soul, mind, and body.  We combine the technology and techniques on this page with our Jubilee Options in order to help you get your whole being involved in the process - whether that be healing, resolving stress, finding confidence to do your job, or discovering renewed relationships.  


At LifeRegeneration you will learn about your options and how to put them to work for the challenges you face, whether those be physical, spiritual, emotional, or relational. 


Our being is intricately woven together and when something is wrong in one area this is often just a sign that another area needs to be dealt with, aligned, balanced, and healed. We teach you to become aware of those signs and pay attention to them in order to use them to find out what your body is saying to you about what issues you need to deal with in order to find wholeness.  Come experience your choices!  


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