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Detailed Descriptions of Items


Here at LifeRegeneration we mainly provide services which help you with your energy system - lining it up so your bio systems work to their best ability, helping you to renew your mind, finding the underlying etiology of physical maladies, and getting rid of negative energy (trapped emotions, harmful mindset habits, and fact-filled vs. Truth-filled belief systems).  We also provide products and publications we believe will help you with the challenges you encounter in life. 


The products and services we have available can be purchased through PayPal using your credit card, debit card, or directly from your bank account!  I trust you will be pleased with what you find.



The LifeRegeneration Gratituning Booklet focuses on an easy technique you can learn to change the body's physical systems into a vibration for healing.  Just one benefit is regulating blood pressure (BP) for those who have high BP and, yes! even for those who have a BP that is too low.  This technique can be used alone when stress hits unexpectedly, and it can be added to any brain wave entrainment, sound therapy, or meridian tapping session.  You will find this publication in our Store. 

We believe that gratitude is so vital that it deserves its own icon on every typing keyboard!  After all, we have @ # $ % and more at our fingertips; what's more important than being able to quickly express gratitude?  Soooo, here's the icon we would like to see added to every keyboard:



Aside from our one-on-one consulting sessions, LifeLines are available so you can give us the physical malady, emotional issue, or life challenge you have and we will draw up a LifeLine Chart and work plan for you to follow for a holistic health approach in dealing with it.  The LifeRegeneration LifeLine will give you many avenues to follow in discovering what life has available for you to use for growth and healing in your whole being. 


Your LifeLine can be used with the LRMT techniques and/or Jubilee Options for additional insight and awareness of the etiology of your challenge.  

Many people who decide to use holistic health options simply go to the health food store and try something there.  If it works great!  However if it does not produce results then they often erroneously conclude that holistic "medicine" does not work.  Some try just one visit to a holistic practitioner and expect this to work - the "I want it now" mentality. 


To truly try holistic options in order to resolve your health issues you need to follow the holistic path and keep going until you obtain resolution and find what works for you - plus you need various avenues to meet the needs of your whole being (body, soul, mind, and heart).  LifeLines will help you to find those viable options and start your walk down that path to a truly healthy body!



BEMER technology is also available in our offices on our patentend BEMER (Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Regulation) system, which will oxygenate your entire body! 


See our "Consulting Sessions" and "Science & Research" tabs above for details and explanations on how this technology works.  



Heart Issues Mind Pack  is for memorizing truths, which have an amazing impact on your life!  As you reprogram your mind you will find that your physical body and emotions will begin to change for the better.  Each card has additional information on the back for the science involved and help in applying it to your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical self.  You can peruse this site and/or contact LifeRegeneration for help in learning and using these techniques.



Our Jubilee Card Set is a set of charts on two laminated cards that will make muscle testing (Kinesiology) much easier in relation to Holistic Health and finding the true etiology of problems you run into - spiritual, physical, mental, and heart issues.  This set can be used to pinpoint issues for using meridian tapping techniques to help you release trapped emotions and deal with heart issues which influence your health, relationships, and abundance in your life. 


Portions of the charts can be seen below.  These cards have a Trapped Emotions chart, Jubilee Input options, and Holistic Health Check areas for you to use with the techniques you can learn from LifeRegeneration in one-on-one sessions or by perusing our website.

These cards are laminated for long life and the perfect size to carry with you for use at any time. 


They are available as a magnet or without, and come in four different sizes - your choice! 


Small is about the size of a business card (2.3" x 3.75") while extra large is for easy reading and is the size of half a page (5.75" x 9").  


This is just a sample - there are actually 50 different attributes available on the Jubilee card that you can work into your mind, heart, and whole being for renewal and regeneration.  In essence you can reprogram your subconscious and replace those habits, stress buttons, emotions, and illnesses that you desire to vanquish. This is a great help in creating the life you desire and beating those things in your life that you want to get rid of. 

This card encompasses Nutrition, Pathogens, Chiropractic, Toxins and 4 more areas in order to pin point your limiting beliefs and what has been programmed into your mind that you wish to change.  Yes!  You can actually choose to release those negative things and begin to live a life of abundance, health, and peace. 

This resource alerts you to 90 emotions thus enabling you to more easily discover what might be controlling your responses to situations in your life and allows you to deal with the issues once and for all, releasing them from your mind and all of the cells of your body.  After all, your mind is not just in your brain, but in every cell of your body (read "Biology of Belief" by Dr. Bruce Lipton). 

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Our Off to a Fresh Heart Booklet will give you practical, easy, step-by-step applications for a healthier heart immediately!  This booklet gives you insight into the science behind what you do with your mind, your spirit, and your emotions, and how they all affect both your physical heart and your inner heart (emotions).  

Yes!  What you THINK does make a difference!  AND what your doctor thinks is crucial!

You can peruse this site and/or contact LifeRegeneration for help in learning and using these techniques.

GIFT CERTIFICATES  are an excellent way to give to another and allow them to choose what they desire from the LifeRegeneration site.  They can use a Gift Certificate for products or for consultation(s).

When you are not sure what would best benefit that special and important person this will allow them to decide what they prefer - information through our booklets or card packs, or guided help - through a personal consultation.

And remember our consultations can be done in our office or in distance sessions - over the phone, via Messenger phone link, or through personal e-mail - whichever you prefer.  


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