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Neurolinguistic Edge With God's Word

When you read this description of powerful whole-body participation and move to get in line with God's Word, your perception will change.  Keep in mind that when your perception changes, your life changes, and when your life changes, your actions, reactions, emotions, and motivations will change.  You get to choose whether these will change in positive ways or decay in negative ways. 

These changes include your physical body. Getting in line with God's Word actually turns your immune system on and sets it in motion to do what it was created to do - figure out any harmful bacteria or virus codes and defeat them, attack cancer cells that are over abundant in any organ or your overall system, correct problems in your nervous system, endocrine system, respiratory system, or any other system in your body (those you know about and even those you know nothing about).  Yes! 

One powerful life-changing thing you get to DO is decide what to think about.  Not so easy in this busy world and with a heart that reveals buttons every day that people and situations "push," and our mind sometimes gets confused.  The Life Manual - Scripture - gives us very clear instructions on how to renew our minds and how to think.  Here are the challenges:

  • The heart trumps the mind!  What?!  What is in your heart overrides what is in your mind.  That's why you get your "buttons pushed," and God tells us our heart is deceitfully wicked. 

  • Your subconscious (heart) believes whatever is in there as truth, even when your mind knows better.  

  • This world throws up all kinds of deception and road blocks - news, movies, sign boards, books, magazines, music, government education, lost people, faulty medicine, nasty politics, you name it! 

  • The enemy, Satan, is shifty, sly, and persistent.

Wow!  So how are you to win the battle and come out the overcomer in this life? 

Here is what God says about these quandaries:

  • The heart trumps the mind!  Yes, what is in your heart will deceive you and get you to respond in ways your mind is saying not to!  Aaaagh!  (Jeremiah 17:9)  However, we can tell the heart to get in line! Proverbs 4:29.  Do not let your heart control you, however you also do not want to stuff what is in your heart, or . . . it will control you!

  • Your subconscious can believe lies.  In other words things that you learned in the past that are incorrect, need to be brought out and corrected.  (2nd Corinthians 10:3-6)

  • God tells us to think positive thoughts but stressful situations and people get in the way of that - Philippians 4:6-8.

  • The enemy - it's Satan, not the people around you.  He has already been defeated by Jesus in our stead.  Deal with him as God directs.  Ephesians 6:16. 

  • We must take down strongholds and renew our mind. As we persistently and consistently do this daily, it will change the heart and make it get in line with God's Word. Wow! THEN you will have a powerful force on your side to "trump" the negatives that come against you from the world. 

  • When you deal with stress/worry/anxiety, this turns the immune system back on to deal with your physical maladies. 




  1. Culture a habit of noticing when your buttons have been pushed.  We often just get angry or frustrated and lose it, sometimes asking, "God why?" or saying, "I know better but this just makes me so (angry, or fearful, or sad, or confused)." 

  2. When you do catch yourself with a button pushed, stop to deal with it. If you cannot stop right then, write it down - jot it in your phone notepad or in a little notebook you may carry with you.  

  3. MAKE TIME to deal with it! Go to a private, peaceful place and write down the situation in one sentence (like the title to a small video).  Run the "video" in your mind and make a list of the emotions it brought/brings out.  You can use the Trapped Emotions chart in the Jubilee Options App if you have a hard time finding (or even admitting) what emotions are there.  Rate each emotion from 1 to 10.  NOW you have a list to work from - choose ONE item from your list and:

  4. Use the "Add a Mind Shift" procedure below and repeat if needed until your rating comes down to a 4 or below, even a zero.

  5. Replace any negative emotion with a Jubilee Option and use the procedure below until you feel the intensity of the positive reach an 8 or above.

You may have listed 5 or more emotions or issues. Be aware that your energy/neuro system can only handle one to three issues a day - yes! That's how heavy/strong they are. So just deal with a few each day, making sure the intensity goes down with each one.

Also, check on the intensity by also running your "video" again to see if the issue/emotion rises or stays down.  Then when placed into this same type of "video" during your day, week, or month, check to see if your energy has changed and the intensity of each response stays down. If so, great!  If not, then go through the process again.

Persistence and Consistency are key and WILL produce results as you use the steps in this tool.


God's creation was woven into the science of our world and it works by default. Just be aware that "default" in this world will often return the struggles you've been trying to get rid of.  Choosing to recognize what is in your heart and what is in your mind (both conscious and subconscious) are vital instructions in the Life Manual.


AND . . . it works even better once you've "signed" on by taking the step to believe in what Jesus has done, with your whole heart and mind.  To understand this, check out:

To add a Mind Shift:


  • In my office I use rounds of LRMT Tapping or roll a Nikken magna roller, rolling from the top of spine to the bottom, or from the forehead over your head to the base of your neck, 3 or more times - intention and focus are prime here.
    Prayer and laying on hands can take the place of this

  • rate any emotion between 1 and 10 (10 being most intense)

  • breathe deep (4:6 ratio) and relax

  • drink water

  • rate again after LRMT and/or prayer and repeat if still above a 4

  • consider forgiveness if it applies to:

> Another person

> Asking God to forgive you and receiving that

> You forgiving God (for a wrongly perceived injury)

> You forgiving yourself

  • Choose a Jubilee Option and repeat the procedure until the intensity comes up to a 9 or 10. 


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