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Thanksgiving & Release

When you read this description of powerful whole-body participation and move to get in line with God's Word, your perception will change.  Keep in mind that when your perception changes, your life changes, and when your life changes, your actions, reactions, emotions, and motivations will change.  You get to choose whether these will change in positive ways or decay in negative ways. 

One powerful life-changing thing you get to CHOOSE TO

DO is express gratitude . . . when you are happy . . .

when you are puzzled or confused . . . when you are

challenged . . . when you are frustrated or angry . . . and

when you are least motivated to do so.  It is a choice

and when you take the step to express it and do so out

loud, your heart will begin to get on board and will

move into the gratitude attitude.  BE AWARE, this is

NOT stuffing your emotions, nor is it putting on a happy

face when you don't feel happy!  It is a choice you make

with your mind to be grateful by voicing it to yourself

and to God. 

Neurologists have even discovered that just the act of smiling big for a full minute will shift your whole being into a different perception and emotional climate.  One counselor, suggests (if you just don't want to smile) that you can even hold a pencil between your teeth with your lips wide open for a whole minute!  Yes!  When you change body stance it will make a neuro connection with the rest of you and shift things!  Crazy but true that what we say out loud and what we do with our physical body will change our whole being for better or good depending on what we are choosing to do and say. 

It's called neuro-linguistics which was covered in God's Word long before scientists discovered that our body responds in this way. 

READ the booklet available in the LifeRegeneration store on GratiTuning to learn how to tune up your gratitude attitude.  The following are just a few things to help you see the amazing things God has done for and in you that you can thank Him for - do it out loud; you voicing these changes you!


  • Life Default:  You get what you deserve.  God's Provision: Jesus got what you deserve.  

  • God, thank you for giving us a manual for life and making it come alive as I read and apply it. 

  • God, you created me and spoke this world into being for me to live in and enjoy.  Everything in it is there for me to learn life lessons and overcome the challenges it presents me with.  

  • Thank you Jesus that you are the Breath of Life and the Living Water who brings me abundant life.
  • Thank you God for my (family, friends, pets, home, etc.)
  • Anything!  Even the most simple things in your life.



It is one of the seven vital habits we do well to learn and truly make a habit. 

This is on my bedroom wall and I make it a point to not tune it out or cease to see it like some things we put on our wall and then don't really pay attention to. 



I see it every morning and make it a point to thank God for:

  • Something around me

  • Someone specific in my family

  • Something that I'm standing in faith on after asking God to intervene

  • Something extremely simple like the sunshine or a pet.

. . .  and keep thanking until I FEEL the gratitude in my heart. 

God's creation was woven into the science of our world and it works by default (just like gravity is a default).  Just be aware that "default" in this world will often return the struggles you've been trying to get rid of.  This world is a fallen world, yet if we walk by faith in what Christ has accomplished for us, we can overcome the things/challenges in this world. 


It helps me to think of this world as a hologram that God created as a "classroom" for us to learn the lessons we need to learn and hone our strengths, purpose, goals, choices, life.  Think about it. God is outside of time - He sees the beginning from the end and is therefore not in this "hologram" like we are.  Jesus stepped into the hologram in order to help us and provide the price on our head required by justice.  The Holy Spirit was left here with us to be a helper, so take advantage of Him.  God the Father is outside time watching over all we do in order to work His plan in and through us. Yes!  Crazy ideas I have but they help me to grasp the possibilities and take advantage of the tools we have here. 


Choosing GRATITUDE is part of the life manual - a change up that uses the rules in your favor and in God's favor and in favor of those around you (like aerodynamics has rules that overcome gravity).  It is just one of the things that works extremely well. 


AND . . . it works even better once you've "signed" on by taking the step to believe in what Jesus has done, with your whole heart and mind.  To understand this, check out:

Rewrite Your Brain Crop N Stretch.jpg
Grateful Reminder.jpg

To add a Gratitude Shift:


  • In my office I use rounds of LRMT Tapping or roll a Nikken magna roller, rolling from the bottom of spine to top, or from the base of your neck over your head to the forehead, 3 or more times - intention and focus are prime here
    Prayer and laying on hands can take the place of this

  • breathe deep (4:6 ratio) and relax

  • drink water

  • use GratiTuning


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